Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Arnott's Tim Tam in Manila

I really love Tim Tam and when my bestfriend found out that I fell in love with Tim Tam from Arnott's in Australia, she looked for it in the neighborhood grocery and got me some.

Apparently, we had Tim Tam's here in Manila!!!!

They come in smaller packaging and have a different consistency.

The Philippine version of the TimTam is made in Indonesia and it specifically says on the packet---- Not for sale in Australia and New Zealand

Australian Tim Tam

Maybe that explains the slight difference in quality and texture.

Remind me to take some back to Manila next time I come here for a visit.


  1. Nards just recently discovered this. :) It was PHP16/pack at Hi-Top. He bought four packs and it's now all in my waistline and thighs hahaha!

  2. Gosh, you should try the Australian ones! They are way better!! I'll bring you back some hehehe