Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sai Bhaji Pulav lunch

I spent the day with my relatives and as always, was in for a treat. Whenever I am asked where the best Indian food in Manila is, I always spout off their address. Seriously, it IS the place to find the best Indian food there is and I am lucky enough to be able to partake of my favorite Indian dishes with them.

Lunch that day was a vegetarian delight. The meal consisted of

Mango chutney, made from green mango, red chilli, salt and pepper

Pulav (pulao) Rice

Sai Bhaji (Spinach, Split peas, gourd and other vegetables cooked in various spices)

Pappad or otherwise also known as Pappadom (kind of an indian cracker)

Fried vegetables seasoned with red chilli, salt and pepper - Eggplant, potato, green chili

My aunt did the cooking and the food styling!!

For Sai Bhaji Pulav recipe and other Indian dishes, click here

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