Wednesday, November 9, 2011

DEKA Makati

I have lived in my current residence for about 2 years now and in the street opposite to mine is this Thai restaurant called Deka. And in my 2 years, I have never gotten the chance to eat there and before my big move, I decided to have dinner there with my friend from work.

The milk iced tea we both got

From my friends Thai Bagoong rice meat dish (no pic of the actual bagoong rice)
Bagoong is a fish sauce made with salted fish or shrimp.
My green chicken curry
Satay which we shared. Satay is a skewered meat either pork, beef or lamb etc. and usually served with peanut sauce
The outdoor eating area
Portions were skimpy for the price ( we got the solo meals which cost Php150 =around Aus$3). Maybe we should check out the portions meant for sharing. And the taste was okay not bad for a neighborhood thai place.

Terms from Recipetips.

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